Some things...

...are so beautiful that it's heartbreaking.
Interesting notion, isn't it?




Infinity twice over.
With His open arms, we gather.
To nourish on faith and food.


Ultra Deep Field.

Sometimes our egos can barely contain us until we are humbled by the delicacy of our existence.


Hungry Eyes.

The best kind of photography is the honest kind...don't you think?

It is then that you see the true beauty in the message that naturally forms. Not to say that other forms aren't beautiful, only that they are pre-determined.

One of my greatest fears is losing my eyesight. My eyes have always been of poor health.

That is why I am so hungry to see.

Two Flickrs I recently became a fan of:

David Cooper
Her photos aren't shareable but they are available to be seen publicly.
Marija Radosavljevic



There's an extent to planning when eventually all you can do is just live it.


Le Roi du Coeur

"King of Hearts! Oh, I am the King of Fools!"



Photoset I :

Photoset II:
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The Kim Edit

The Ben Edit

"...a synchronous gravitational relationship of two celestial bodies..."



Taken after a random heavy rain storm. The sky was beautiful...!
Ever since I was little, I've been infatuated by clouds...Photos were taken by Jeffrey. :]


It's almost upon us.

Our project, the one Benjamin and I have been working on is coming to completion. We will have two video edits that each of us worked on. Also along with the videos will be a photo album... :]


Passive is for the Weak.

I am unlike myself.
It’s hard to see how far you’ve sunk when you’re so far gone.
I pray for Rebirth and Redemption.


The Chameleon

For bigger/higher resolution:

In ♥ with this.


the first journey-

By MongQThaiTran
MongQThaiTran: The First Journey: "Meet Kimberly"
Recently modeled for MongQ to expand her portfolio! This is a small preview of what's to come :]
Check it!!


Edge of the World

Wore some pants today that my bff! bought me as a birthday gift from Spain. These are THE illest pants ever!!! Very European though in the way that the pants are made of nice thin cotton and very see-through, haha~
Advice she gave me when wearing them? Wear pretty underwear. :]

Here's her blog: estherleephoto.wordpress.com
She's a talented photographer. I can never say enough kind words about her. So check it!

Sometimes, you just don't know where you're going...but you pray that you'll end up in the right place. This heat is making me sleepy and I'm hoping that the storm clouds will come and drench me clean.